Moritzburg – Germany

Moritzburg is a cute little village with the Moritzburg castle as a main attraction. I wanted to give it a visit for a longer time but it never worked out. This weekend I stayed in Dresden, because I wanted to go hiking in the Swiss Saxony but it was raining the last few days and I didn’t want to hike on muddy path or slippery stairs. So, I looked up what to do with less altitude around Dresden and Moritzburg came into my mind again. The whole day was cloudy with no sun at all, but it was not raining, so it was still nice to be outside. Moritzburg is a cute castle and I also walked through the woods around it to a little zoo for forest animals. It was really cute. A very nice lighthouse also caught my attention. I don’t really know why they needed a lighthouse on a lake, but it is really picturesque. All in all, I spent around four hours walking around the area and enjoyed the fresh air and nature. If you are nearby, I would recommend to pay this cute village a visit.

Spring is comming.
Into the woods.
Still some autumn color.
Dead wood …
Love this shape …
Nomnom, what a tasty carrot 😉
Isn’t he cute?
He was looking at the dog outside of his cage.
This zoo as mentioned above only has forrest animals like this wolf.
… and more relaxing.
Tasty rabbit for this lynx.
Cute lighthouse at a lake.
Love is in the air <3
This castle looks nice from diverse angles.

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