Phnom Penh – Cambodia

Phnom Penh kept me learning more about the sad and cruel part of the Cambodian history. I won’t go into depth, words can just not describe how cruel humanity can be and how close in time this genocide was shows me that sadly, we seem not learn from the past and that coming from a German… What happened in Cambodia was cruel and was driven by mental ill mind that was unfortunately to powerful to tear down for way to long. I feel with the survivors and especially everyone that has lost closed ones. Remembering this sad history is so important and I admire what Cambodia nowadays has become with such a big burden to take and wounds, especially interior wounds, to heal. It will always shape Cambodia and I do hope that such a cruelty will never happen again in human history no matter where in the world. I truly hope that the future will bring peace and that we as humans’ value all the similarities, as well as differences, in each human being on this planet and that we will coexist without harm one day. Surely it will never be entirely that way, but I hope we will get closer to that goal as what we are today… This short visit really changed my world view and moved me deeply…

The memorial Choeung Ek at the “Killing Fields” barries tonns on sculls of innocent victims…
… as you can see on a close up…
… so sad that such a sign needs to be placed. So disrespectful from people to actually play a game while being in such a surrounding…
Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. I couldn’t hear all the audio tour parts. It was just too hard to swallow.
Royal Palace, at least some peace in this city that made my heart heavy…

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