Tagaytay – Philippines

From Manila we took the bus down to Tagaytay known for its unique volcano. The evening we arrived we also took a tuk-tuk to a park on top of a mountain with an awesome view. The next day we directly started for a daytrip to see the volcano. There is not much to tell about it but it was a pleasure for my eyes.

View from the People Park in the Sky.
Another religious spot on the mountain.
Still at the viewpoint.
I still don’t know how we both fit in this vehicle.
On the way to the Taal Vulcano we took a boat ride on one of these beauties.
Isn’t this view beautiful? Blue sky, colorful boats, nature, what do I need more?
Does that count as child labor? I guess yes… On these thin horses mostly “fat” tourist could ride up the vulcano. We decided to walk despite of the heat.
The view on top was worth it! The vuclano actually is known for being a vulcano in the middle of a lake with a lake inside itself. Really stunning.
Can’t tell you why, but I love this picture. The families on this vulcano island actually lived very close together with diverse animals.

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