Shanghai – China

Shanghai is one of the biggest cities in China beside Beijing and Shenzhen. I already did a post about Shenzhen, anther one about Beijing (Peking) will follow tomorrow. We only had a weekend in Shanghai. I went with a friend from Exchange and also visited three friends from my Germany university who did their exchange in Shanghai. Like most of the bigger Chinese cities Shanghai is a beautiful clash of modern buildings, an amazing skyline paired with temples and ancient buildings. I really enjoy these contrasts. Sadly, the weekend we choose was full of smog and we could only see half of the skyline. Still it was absolutely worth a visit!

I rarely post food, but isn’t this adorable?!
You want to go shopping? This shopping street and also Tianzifang are worth a visit.
On our way through the city occasionally went though this street. That is a tipical shot of the non tourist China and that is why I liked it so much. Chaotic electric cables, shady buildings and clothes all over.

Yu Yuan Garden

I can definitely confirm, that Yu Yuan is one of the most beautiful gardens in China! It has beautiful plants and lots of small little buildings and sculptures with so many beloved details! But I am in love with ancient Chinese architecture and design anyway. Here some impressions of the beautiful gardens:

Such a beautiful architecture.
I made a shot without tourist =D
Sculptures fighting.
A more realistic shot with a bunch of tourists.
Cute buildings everywhere.
Happy me =)

The Bund

The Bund or in Chinese Waitan is the waterfront area where you can stroll by and have a view of the unique Shanghai skyline each postcard presents. It was really beautiful but as mentioned above, the smog made half of it hide from us.

The Bund by day…
… dawn …
… and night. All covered in smog but still beautiful.

By the way, if you visit Shanghai, go parting and live the nights! Shanghai definitely gave me the best parties in China! Reminded me a bit of the Berlin club scene but for free as a non-Asian. Sadly, due to the smog some nice spots where not worth it to go for example the Shanghai tower for a view over the city. It was lost in smog. I hope I can return one day and will have better luck with the air.

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