West coast – Sweden


The second part of the Scandinavian road trip in May 2016 took us above the Øresund Bridge to Malmö for cheap accommodation. If you want to explore Copenhagen I recommend sleeping here if you are on a budget, it is just a short trip over the bridge apart. You could take a car, but also busses go on a regular basis. We send another day exploring Malmö itself. It is a cute town at the coast.

Tunnel short before the Oresund Bridge.
Cute old ship in Malmö.
I just love the ocean no matter if calm or turbulent, warm or cold!
A newly build quarter with ocean view.
Boathouses at its best! When do I get the key? 😉


We kept our journey following the Swedish coast up till Goteborg where we spent another two days. We did some sightseeing and explored the neighborhood. At the second day we also did a boat trip though the city. As I am mostly driven to water, I enjoyed both cities.

Sunset with dandelion.

Me taking the sunset picture =D
Ancient ship in the harbor.
Beautiful harbor during a boat trip in Goteborg with finaly some good weather.
What a car =D
Another bridge, this time on the way to Norway.

The road trip continued with a few days in Oslo, Norway and took us back with a ferry from Larvik to Hirthals in Denmark and back to Berlin by car. I will post another post about Oslo, since I had the opportunity to visit Oslo a couple of times. All in all, the road trip was a great experience.

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