Amsterdam – Netherlands

In May 2016 we did a weekend trip to Amsterdam. It was my first time to the Netherlands and I hope that in the future I can explore more parts of this beautiful country. We walked all of it and that way we saw cute little places we wouldn’t have seen by car or bus. It is mostly my way of exploring a new place to do as much as possible by foot. If you’ll get an accommodation not in the center, then take the main transportation of the Netherlands, a bicycle. The trip was way too short, we arrived for lunch and had to leave before lunch the day after. It will definitely not be my last visit of this city. In the following at least, some of my impressions.

I am in love with cheese!
We maded accidentally to a gay parade. Made Amsterdam so much more colorful.
Typical Amsterdam – Bicycles and channels.

The Westerkerk church is near by the Anne Frank House. We wanted to go in the latter, but the lines were crazy, so better get a ticket in advance.
Love the traditional and unique look of this city.
I’m not a cat person, but they are really pittoresque.
Cute little backyard.

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