The German Baltic Sea

As mentioned, I am drawn to the coast. Being in winter right now I want to emphasize visiting the Germany baltic sea off season. Sure, tropical beaches have a totally different appearance. Still I really enjoy the Germany Baltic Sea. Hence it is not that far from Berlin to drive by car to the coast (around 3 hours) I did that a couple of times in the last few years. In 2018 I spend a week in February enjoying the beautiful coast covered in snow. Sure, you can’t go swimming (at least I wouldn’t) but still you have beautiful views, awesome air and the sound of the waves. I also recommend visiting the German coast ins summer, but there it can get pretty crowded. In the following a compilation of my favorite shots near the German coast from the last years.

Heiligendamm in February 2018
Snowy coast of Nienhagen in 2018
All frozen…
This breakwater out of wood give most of the beaches at the Baltic Sea it’s special character.
Love this lost an frozen look of this beach. Even though it was super cold, I would recommend to do a trip to the German coast off season. First of all, it’s super empty and you will have a beach all by yourself and second of all, look at this beauty in winter!
Bad Doberan in 2018 – Lost in nature.
The Molli, an historic train, drives from Bad Doberan to Kühlungsborn for just a couple of Euros while you can enjoy the ride.
The harbor of Kühlungsborn in 2018.
Scharbeutz in March 2016.
Look at this beautyfull reflections from the small town Scharbeutz.
Warnemünde in Mai 2014. If you enjoy fish buns, this is where you should go.
Don’t trust gulls, they might steal you icecream 😉

This lighthouses are the main symbol of Warnemünde.
How can someone not be in love with sunsets?

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